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Our state-of-the-art facility designed and built in 2019 by Water Innovations Inc. with 15-years of experience operating ion exchange water recycling systems, is highly automated with continuous monitoring & analysis of system operation to ensure consistent high-quality regenerated resin with optimal chemical usage & rinsewater efficiency including water recycling to minimize wastewater. With our commitment to continuous process improvement, we provide our customers cost-effective regeneration services with outstanding quality at competitive pricing.


PEDI Resin Regeneration Service

Our demineralization ion exchange resin regeneration service is primarily for portable exchange deionization (PEDI) users without in-house regeneration capability.

pick-up/drop-off can be provided either by our delivery truck or at our centrally-located facility serving San Diego, Orange, Riverside, & Imperial Counties.

standard 3 to 5-day turn-around and completely-separate processing, users can leverage our competitive pricing to effectively save money.


Resin Pricing

Our regeneration plant is designed to process primarily 40-cation/60-anion mixed-bed resin although we accept individual cation or anion resins with no cost difference.

We offer pricing for both High-quality & standard rinsing depending on your budget and water quality requirements.

Pricing is per Cubic foot (ft3), supersacks and/or totes receive a 10% discount.


Facility Designed for Separate Processing

Resin is processed separately in up to 60-ft3 or 180-ft3 lots. Our current capacity is 750-ft3 of resin per day utilizing three 60-ft3 & two 180-ft3 storage tanks, one 60-ft3 separation tower and one each 60-ft3 cation and anion regeneration columns.

With currently 12,000-gallons of water storage for resin transfer & regeneration, and available space to add five more 60-ft3 storage tanks, a 2nd 60-ft3 separation tower, and two more 60-ft3 cation & anion regeneration vessels, we’re prepared to double our capacity to 1,500-ft3 of resin per day as market demand increases.


State-of-the-Art Facility

System design & operating principles are derived from the 100+ deionization resin systems built by Water Innovations over 15 years.

Resin transfer to/from customer containers and between sub-systems utilize eductors with pressurized water to avoid resin damage. Resin separation & regeneration are highly automated by GF actuated valves controlled with Signet gpm, psi, uS, & pH sensors and controller for real-time & historical data-logging.

Integrated system control is provided by a Compactlogix PAC with Powerflex VFD for pumps, with a PanelView touchscreen for human-machine interface (HMI) using Rockwell Automation.


quality assurance & quality control

Each batch of regenerated resin returned to the customer is accompanied by a hard-copy Regeneration & Quality Report that’s also accessible on-line for ease of future customer access.

In addition to documenting the dates of resin receipt regeneration & return, ft3 of resin processed, and any applicable notes based on its processing or our observation, the Report would detail the volume of regeneration chemical consumed and rinsewater required to achieve the specified Rinsewater Quality end-point.


Individual Vessel Service, DI Water & Complete Vessels & Replacement Resin for Sale

We offer regeneration of any quantity resin from individual poly-glass vessel with customer drop-off/pickup with a 5 to 7-day turn-around time.

We also offer for sale complete 14x47/3.6-ft3 PEDI poly-glass vessels as well as replacement resin at competitive pricing.

Leveraging our in-house deionized (DI) water production capabilities, we also offer DI water for sale in minimum 100-gallon increments for auto detailers, windows washers, & other commercial users.

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Water Innovations, Inc. designs and manufacturers Best-in-Class ion exchange water recycling systems for deionized water & highly-automated wastewater treatment equipment.

Aqua Automation LLC was started in 2018 by Water Innovations, Inc. which since 2005 has designed and manufactured ion exchange water recycling & wastewater treatment systems using innovative technologies driven by our employees’ commitment to provide customers with world-class equipment & process expertise. After more than 15 years and over 120 integrated system sold & satisfied customers, Aqua Automation provides us a platform to more broadly market Water Innovations’ systems and high-quality components including from Kinetico® for rinsewater deionization and GF Signet for measurement & control.