About us

Aqua Exchange LLC started in 2018 operates a state-of-the-art resin regeneration facility providing Portable Exchange DI (PEDI) products & services to end-users and dealers while producing DI water for customer pick-up or bulk truck delivery

Water Innovations Inc. since 2005 has designed and built ion exchange systems for water recycling, employing innovative technologies & best-in-class components with a commitment to providing our customers cost-effective high-quality systems

Aqua Automation LLC was founded in 2018 for eCommerce of Aqua Exchange resin regeneration & DI water services, Water Innovations ion exchange systems, Signet Measurement & Control products, and Kinetico Commercial Water Systems

We provide cost-effective & efficient DI water solutions by combining systems engineering expertise and resin regeneration & DI water services with high-quality measurement and control products. Visit our websites, email us at Sales@ or give us a call us to discuss your application with an expert who will not just recommend a DI water system but offer the best solution for your particular needs.